Mayor Mr. Kuldeep Kumar inaugurated a workshop on ‘Solid Waste Management’ by FOSWAC, Yuvsatta, Environment Department

Bridge the gaps & improve collaboration between Municipal Field Staff & Residents Welfare Association to make Chandigarh No. 1 in Solid Waste Management-Mayor Kuldeep Kumar

Chandigarh, March 19: Today Mayor Mr. Kuldeep Kumar inaugurated a workshop on ‘Solid Waste Management’, at Hotel Metro, in Sector 35C, for better understanding and liaisoning between municipal sanitary inspectors and women representatives of various residents’ welfare associations associated with FOSWAC (Federation of Sectors Welfare Association of Chandigarh). This was jointly organized under the Government of India’s campaign of ‘LIFE-Lifestyle for Environment’, by Yuvsatta, Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration and FOSWAC and was sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. And around 100 representatives of Residents Welfare Associations, Municipal Corporation staff and senior residents of the city attended the endeavour.

Prominent amongst those who addressed the gathering included Chandigarh AAP co-incharge Dr. S.S. Ahluwalia, Ms. Prem Lala, Municipal Councillor, Dr. Vinay Mohan, Medical Officer of Health, MC, Chandigarh, Mr. Baljinder Singh Bittoo, Chairman, FOSWAC, Dr. Rupali Jandrotia of Climate Action Cell of Department of Environment & Mr. Pramod Sharma, Founder, Yuvsatta.

In his welcome address Mr. Baljinder Singh Bittu highlighted the issues of unregulated vendors, paying guest accommodations in sectors, villages and slum areas, who don’t segregate the waste and even at times throw the same in drainage systems of the city, which further aggravate the waste management issues with increasing number of rats and stray dogs in the city. And get rid of menace of stray dogs Mr. Bittu suggested for holding of ‘Stray Dogs Adoption Camps’ in the city.

Dr. Vinay Mohan in his address emphasized on the need of adoption of mantra of four R’s of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle for effective waste management at household levels, for which he suggested that dialogue, discussion and decision with involvement of all stakeholders, will make this city Chandigarh No. 1 in best waste management practices in the country.

Ms. Premlata highlighted the issue of non-cooperative attitude of safai-workers who at times abstain from collecting household waste from people living on first and second floors, which at times becomes difficult, especially for senior citizens to come down and dispose of their waste in the designated municipal vehicles.

Dr. SS Ahluwalia was of the view that for any effective municipal solid waste management the first mantra for success is ‘Planning for Community Involvement Initiatives’, to define a methodology for reaching out to the community. Informing and involving the community, as well as creating channels for all stakeholders to participate in making decisions and to voice their concerns. A common approach is to consult these groups to ascertain people’s perception of the existing waste management services, their expectations, and the extent to which they are willing to support and participate in the process. And for this now the Mayor Chandigarh Mr. Kuldeep Kumar will soon start holding monthly meetings with the residents.

Mayor Mr. Kuldeep Kumar in his address highlighted that he is committed to not only improve the present waste management system of the city but also to get rid of the present dumping ground at Daddumajra, which not only generate toxic gases but will also become cause of spread of deadly diseases due the foul smells and germs originating from the site.

Mr. Pramod Sharma stressed that there is ever increasing need of regular meetings between Municipal Corporations Field Staff and concerned Residents Welfare Association, Chandigarh Administration should activate the much-needed ward committees at the earliest and greater awareness programmes should be organized to promote at source segregation and composting of waste.

In her concluding remarks Dr. Rupali Jandrotia shared that they at Climate Action Cell of Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration, will be holding more such interactions to bridge the gaps between various stakeholders, improve coordination and advocate best best waste management practices to make Chandigarh a smart city in spirit and action.

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